24 August 2010


Today is for 2s.  Not ones or threes.  Just toos!  Any old to will do.

Here are two pairs of finished socks.  The second pair actually got knit up in two days. 

FirecrackersDSC03179  The adult pair is Cookie A’s BBF pattern for my friend in the UK.  They are knit with Socks That Rock yarn, colourway Fireworks. Nice and thick and warm.  These will be # 2 for her this summer.HuntersocksDSC03183_edited-1







The second pair is for my grandson H!  I sent a pair of sweet socks to his sister a couple of weeks ago and he was very disappointed not to get any.  I call these socks, the “I Want A Pair Too” socks!  Knit out of leftover On Your Toes 4 ply with Aloe!  Hope he likes them.  They will go in the mail today.

Next on the needles is a pair for my great niece in Ottawa. I gave her sister a pair when they were here this summer so am knitting her a pair too.  These are Mock Lacy Cables in the Celestial Dreams colourway Damson.

On the health front, I have had two issues this past week.  One was an infection ( I seem to get one every summer ), which is now better and the second is a horrid head cold, (which is not!).  Normally I wouldn’t be that upset about getting a cold, (Liar. I am always upset when I get a cold.), but we have invited 2 dozen people to our house for a barbecue on the weekend and we are doing all the food ourselves.  That would be 24 people coming to dinner.  26 counting us!!  Tell me I will be better by then.  I am feeling marginally better this morning and hope this improvement continues and is not just wishful thinking.  Sometimes that whole glass half full thing can backfire!  I realllllllly do not relish having to cancel.

This afternoon I am taking my head cold and going to the beauty salon where I am having two procedures done today.  One is my hair and the second is a pedicure.

And on an entirely different note, my Roger played in two tennis tournaments these past two weeks.  He lost in the final of the Rogers Cup here in Canada, but won in Cincinnati on Sunday!  He is peaking just before the US Open which starts next week! Go Roger!!


lexa said...

Nice socks! Hope you are feeling better and don't have to cancel your do.

Heddy said...

I love the socks ... too cool!
can you wait until two dayst o the party and then see if you are up to it? it's be too bad to cancel, but its nno good if there are not two hosts to do the prep!

Cute post - now you have me in the spirit too ... wonder what i can get up to to-night?

Landerson said...

Your post is "too cute:)"


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