17 August 2010

Staying Within My Comfort Zone

Ok. It is official.  I don’t like variegated yarns. I have tried very hard to like them, but it just won’t take.  I even stepped outside my self imposed solid/semi-solid comfort zone and joined a sock yarn club where they send you a skein of specially dyed yarn and sock patterns to go with it. This is the fourth package, ( they come bi-monthly ) and this is the first time I have knit socks out of the yarn. 

The first time I knit the Happy Go Lucky colourway into a scarf. HappyGoLuckyClapDSC02906 My friend from the UK loved it so, tadah, she is the proud owner of this scarf. 


The second skein became a little shrug for Miss Leah. LeahShrugCloseupDSC03152As you can see, this one is very much a mishmash. But very cute on the model!





The third skein I don’t actually hate.  It is off white with pastels running through it very subtly and does have potential: STRSweetPeaDSC03175

You can see the hints of yellow and pink and green in this yarn, which is actually very pretty. Not sure what to knit with it, but I like it.





And this last skein, called Fireworks, is also for my UK friend ( she really likes reds and loved this yarn) and I am knitting the Cookie A BBF pattern with it.  Now the pattern even says it works well with variegated yarn, but give me a break.  Can you see the design in these socks?


Maybe? If you look very hard.  But I don’t really think so.  (The wider rows have cables in them.)  However, you can see that the right sock has pooling stripes whilst the left one doesn’t.  And the left one has dark blobs.  Not so much on the right. Nowhere on these two socks does anything match up.  But on the positive side, these are going to be very warm and comfy and they are knitting up very quickly!

So I guess I would have to say that I have learned my lesson.  I will not be joining a sock club again unless it is all solid or semi/solid yarns.  I will not get sucked into buying variegated yarn again, no matter how pretty it is.  (Unless someone wants me to knit socks for them and buys the yarn themselves and I don’t totally hate it. I do enjoy knitting for friends.)  I am going to stay within my comfort zone.  Top down patterns. Solid colours.  Nice yarn.  Beautiful socks!

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lexa said...

I know how you are feeling about the variagateds. I lean towards solids/semi solids now. Or self striping. Variagated is good if you wanna stick to vanilla socks.


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