14 August 2010

Socks and More Socks

Reese’s Robin’s Egg socks are done!  And in the mail!


They are just too sweet and I hope they fit her!

Next up are a pair of socks for my UK friend who quite loved the recent colourway that came with my last Rockin’ Sock Club order.  It is called Fireworks and I am not fussy about the patterns that came with so I am knitting the ever popular Cookie A’s BFF socks.

It is hard to tell with the varigated yarn, but there are rows of cables going down the leg.  I am hoping they will show up better when I get more done!  I am knitting them two at a time with the Hiya Hiya dpns.  They are stainless steel and it is my first time using them.  I think I like them.  I was finding my wooden ones were being affected by the humidity, as were my hands.  These seem to have solved that problem.  Actually, I know I like them.  They come in a package of 5 and of course, I have lost one.  Fortunately they are somewhere in my den and will turn up eventually.  So for now I am using one 5th needle for both socks!

Another gorgeous day and we are going out to dinner tonight at a friend’s house.  Looking forward to a great time!


lexa said...

Love the little socks! I do hope they fit.

Heddy said...

the robin egg blue socks are adorable - she will love them (so pretty!)

The firecracker colour is pretty too - and I love the BFF pattern, it makes a really nice sock(can't wait to see them finished)

Frieda said...

Love the colours of the firecracker socks !

BTW , I saw that there's a child version of the Peasy cardigan called Sweet Peasy . It's free if you bought the pattern for the adult version ....


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