23 June 2010

Wordy Wimbledon Wednesday

My nerves are shattered! I managed to get a win for Roger on Monday (it meant totally doing nothing but sit in front of the TV and use all my mental powers to push him to the win), but I was prepared to do it. And it worked!

Wednesday however was a different situation. I had a dentist appointment. Now I know the dentist has TVs in his hygienist’s office and his office, so I was good for the Federer match. What I wasn’t prepared for was the match going to a fourth set tie break, just as the dentist was finishing up my cavity repair. In the middle of a freaking tie break! Dear God! So I was frantically trying to figure out ways of staying in the chair until the tie break was over. Fainting, seizures, something. Apparently he was thinking the same thing, as he did some extra fussing and tidying up! He was convinced he would have to cancel his next appointment if it went on too long!! :)) Finally it was over and Roger won. Yay! My very nice dentist then apologized for keeping me so long and I didn’t even realize that I had been there for two hours!! Next up: Round 3.

Knitting: I am working on my blue socks for my UK friend. They are not going to be identical twins. I just can’t seem to find the right spot to start with the Zauberball yarn. They will be close, but no cigar. In fact, I think that is what I am going to call them!! They should be finished in the next day or so! Another yay! Then it will be back to the Peasy sweater again!

Weather: It is pouring down rain! Buckets! John will be so happy! Apparently the lawns and gardens really need the rain and hopefully his golf game in the valley is over! I got the dogs out for their after dinner walk just in time! It was raining, but not like this!

News bulletin: My daughter was telling me about the earthquake in Quebec. They felt it in Ottawa, windows swaying and pictures falling off the walls. According to this news article, it was 60 km away from Ottawa! What the heck is going on? We don’t get earthquakes and tornadoes here in Canada! Blizzards, hurricanes and ice storms are what we are used to! The occasional storm surge, but not earthquakes!

And so it continues……. Wimbledon I mean! More soon!

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lexa said...

A fried of mine from town lives in Mississauga, she said her clock fell off the wall, she didn't know what was going on. Very strange stuff indeed. I wondered about Shan, how it was where she lives.

Too funny about the dentist! And I know we need rain, but it sucked last night - it was prom night, and I had such nice outdoor pictures planned. Couldn't do them. :(


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