21 June 2010

The Wimbledon Fortnight

Without Roger?!  WTH?  I am typing and watching the first round on my new TV ( with no blue blotches ) NewTVDSC03071and cannot believe that Roger is down 2 sets and on serve in the third.  I mean, the whole fortnight without my Roger…… :((  Say it isn’t so!  I say, get a grip and start playing like the champion you are!  Don’t ruin this whole tournament for me please and thank you. 

I am also eagerly awaiting the release of OS4 for the iPhone, which was supposed to come out on June 21st.  Well, it is June 21 and so far….. nada.  I keep going back every hour and checking to see if it is there yet, but so far, no luck.

Today is the summer solstice and to start our actual summer, we had a huge thunder and lightning storm last evening and spent the better part of an hour with one or both dogs on our laps!  Mags takes a flying leap and bam! there she is…… all 47 pounds of her right on top of you.  Gunni just tries to scramble up your leg. Poor dogs really seem to mind these storms.  I am just glad it was not the middle of the night!

John has been busy working in the yard and planting his newest shrubs and trees.  He is really enjoying it and wants more thank you.  The girls gave him a gift certificate to a garden center, so he can’t wait to go out and find some more shrubs.

Knitwise, I am working on the second sleeve of the Peasy sweater, but I think I had better put that aside for a bit and finish the blue socks I started for my UK friend.  I need them done by the end of June to qualify for the Sock a Month KAL.  And I also think they will qualify for the Summer of Socks KAL!  So it will be socks for me for a while.  By the way, the Mini Dress sweater arrived in Ottawa and fits Shan and she will take a picture soon and send it to me.

Now I am going to have to go and totally concentrate on willing Roger to win this match. He apparently needs me. Go Roger!!!!!


lexa said...

Glad you got your new tv finally. Hope Rogers comes aroun - I know how much you like him and Wimbledon, lol!

meegiemoo said...

Whew! he made it!

Marti said...

Yay for no more blue blotch :)

Frieda said...

Glad that Roger made it through , the Wimbledon final wouldn't be much fun without him there .

Thanks for reminding me about the sock a month KAL . I have to get Emma's pair done asap .


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