26 June 2010

The Best of Intentions

Sometimes you do things with the best of intentions, and yet they seem to go pear shaped, or wonky or whatever term you might like to use. For example, I started a pair of socks for a friend with the best of intentions to knit a beautiful pair of socks. She chose the yarn she liked in the colour she liked and I chose the pattern. Because I had a couple of projects on the go, I decided to do a brain dead (or so I thought) pattern. A simple rib pattern, knit 2 purl 2 for row one. Knit row two. Basic, simple, easy.

Not! For some reason it was so easy I would forget and knit 2 rows of the rib row and forget the knit row. Or vice versa. Then I would have to tink back. Now this yarn is very splitty and hairy and thin in some places and thick in others. Tinking back was not easy. It would get tangled or knotted or something! I cannot tell you how many times I had to tink back a row. or part of a row. Yes, I would knit the first 3 needles of the round and then rib the 4th needle. Dear God, give me a break! I will say right here and now that I hate these socks. I will never knit them again. I hate this yarn. I will never use this yarn again. And if ever, in the near or far off future, I forget these statements and buy more of this yarn, please feel free to kick my butt!!

The aforementioned socks have been soaked in a lovely lavender scented Eucalan bath, and are now drying on my sock blockers. I am being far nicer to them than they were to me! They actually don’t look too bad at all, but looks alone will not break my resolve. I will NEVER knit this pattern or knit with this YARN again!

Now I think I will knit another pair for my friend to go with these, from hereon in to be known as the Socks from Hell! You have probably also noticed that the damn things don’t match either. Just one more way these socks have made my life miserable!


I am thinking the new pair will be Cubist, by one of my favourite designers, Cookie A. I am also thinking blue again. I’m sorry UK friend, but I love blue socks! So I hope you like them too!

Just felt I had to mention that Roger won yesterday and in fine style. The man is back and all is well in my world!


Heddy said...

even nthough the socks gave you a hard time and are fraternal twins - I still think they are really pretty :)

Frieda said...

I really like them , even if you're not feelin' the love !

Anonymous said...

I think they're beautiful!

Raising children can be like knitting, maybe? Frustration, tears, pain... and in the end you've made something (someone) other people love.


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