14 June 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

I will confess to enjoying the occasional rainy day and I always like Mondays.  Mondays are the start of a new week with all kinds of possibilities.  Social engagements, appointments, and everyday life things. Sometimes it is just the regular appointments like hair and nails.  Other times it is doctor, dentist or eye appointments.  This week I have an appointment with the eye specialist, and whilst the actual appointment is not necessarily fun, I do have the possibility of needing new glasses.  And as someone who has worn glasses every day since I was five years old, ( from the moment I get out of bed in the morning until I am back in bed at night) I love getting new glasses.  It is an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  Change your whole look.  Be adventurous and glamorous.  Not that I probably will, but there is a small chance that I may step outside of my safe box.

We went to the Briar Patch in Berwick yesterday to get a few more shrubs for our yard.  What a great garden center and with a huge supply at really good prices.  We ended up with nine shrubs/trees.  More than a few, but we do have a huge property with lots of room for them!  Now John has to figure out where they will go and then dig holes for them!!!

Tomorrow evening I have the AGM of an organization I belong to, the Queens Association for Supported Living.  This is an amazing organization and we have such a low profile, that nobody seems to know or understand the scope of exactly what it is that we do.  When someone comes on the board as a new member, they are totally blown away when they take the tour and see the group homes, the clients and staff so happy to be there, the Penny Lane Enterprises, where so many of our clients work.  And our most recent endeavour, the Riverbank Store in Mill Village.  The staff and clients have worked so hard to renovate it and it is looking amazing!  The people of Mill Village and area are totally supporting it and everyone involved is just so proud and happy to be a part of this!  If you are ever in the area, be sure to pop in and see it.  You will be wowed!

Not much knitting news.  I finished the Mini Dress sweater ( see previous post) and am working on the second Peasy.  Yes I am knitting another one.  I had two balls of wool left over from the first ( and couldn’t return them as Gunni had carried them around in his mouth and they got dog saliva on them ).  So I popped into LK Yarns the other day and they had 6 balls of that dye lot left.  Just what I needed so it was kind of meant to be.  I am doing one size larger this time and it should fit Shan to a T!

We are still waiting for our new TV to arrive.  I bought a stand to go with it whilst I was in the city the other day.  It came in a box and needed to be put together. Lots of pieces.  Now we are not handy with things like that so I asked my housekeeper/dog-sitter/friend if her husband would do it for us whilst we were shrub shopping yesterday.  He did and it took him 1 hour and 1/2 tops.  It would have taken me that long to get it out of the box and all the pieces sorted!!   It is not as long as the original stand, so the television screen will stick out over the edges although the TV base itself has lots of room. Which I don’t mind.  But, it does have glass doors that close and keep all the equipment out of the way!  Which I love!!

Now I am off to do my Monday, starting the week stuff. Laundry, bills, errands!


Frieda said...

I like Mondays too , especially since I retired ;-) . As you say, they're always a fresh start and I like getting back into a routine after the weekend . Mind you sometimes the no routine weekend days kick over to the weekdays.

Anonymous said...

Although I love weekends when hubby is home and we have a relaxed mode, I love Mondays too for a reorganization day. I tend to thrive on schedules.....I get little done without a to do list etc.


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