01 July 2010

WIPs or Works in Progress

OK, my mourning period for Roger is over and I am moving on with life and Wimbledon. I can now enjoy the tennis because I no longer have this huge ( where every stroke is a live or die situation ) investment in who wins. Although I am not an Andy Murray fan, I would like to see him win, if only to take the pressure off him and to finally give the British their Wimbledon championship!

As for the ladies, I hope the final is better than I expect. Zvonerava won the first match and has beaten Serena before, but she just seems pretty formidable to me. That is assuming that Serena will win today and take on the winner of the current match!

After the socks from hell, I decided to knit another pair of socks that I would like/love and found this Cookie A pattern, called Cubist Socks. And I am pleased to say that I am totally loving them. So I put the Peasy sweater aside to work on these socks. I only have a few inches left on the sleeve, and then have the body of the sweater to knit. So it’s not close to completion.

Then yesterday I was talking to Shannon ( little David broke his arm falling off a jungle gym ) which reminded me that I had promised to make the kids all a teddy bear like I made for Pete! Now without a pattern and doing it by guess and by golly, that was not my favourite thing to knit. I went on Ravelry and found this cute little guy. And for those of you not on Ravelry, I don’t have a picture yet, but hopefully soon. The same with the socks. Pictures for sure on the next post! So I started this little bear in pinks, deep pink for the body, paler pink for the face, hands and feet, so to speak. She definitely wants a pink bear! It is all knit in the round with no seaming. It’s kind of an interesting technique, because you do the head, then stuff it and pick up stitches from the cast on end to start the body. Likewise with all the legs. We’ll see how it goes, but he should be sweet if I can in fact do it properly. I will confess that I have visions of him being lopsided……………

And finally, Happy Canada Day!


lexa said...

Oh, no! A broken arm! Hope he heals up quickly. That's a cute little bear, that's for sure, they should love them. :)

lexa said...
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Frieda said...

Lookig forward to seeing the Cubist socks . Are they blue , perchance ;-) ?

Thanks for the link to the little bear , it's so sweet . I'll have to add it to my queue . As Jessey would say "Oh nooo ! "


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