06 May 2010

Weekend in Ottawa Wrap Up

I had a wonderful visit in Ottawa last weekend. I flew from Halifax Thursday morning and arrived in Ottawa at lunchtime!  My friend Debi picked me up at the airport and took me to lunch and then on to a yarn shop called KnitKnackers.  After a long visit there, but no ( can you believe it?) purchases, we took the scenic route through the canal to see the tulips, which were just coming into bloom and were gorgeous!  Unfortunately, my camera was in my suitcase, so no pictures. You will have to take my word for it that the huge splashes of colours were everywhere and were amazing!

I arrived at Shannon’s house with lots of knitted stuff.  First up the Blueberry Olympic sweater which fit and she loved!  Also the shawl, which again she loved but no picture!  And the Peasy sweater for a try on. More about that later.

BlueberryOlypmic DSC02930_edited-1

The children are growing up so fast.  The one that I noticed the most difference in was Miss Leah.  Racing around doing everything the boys did and her mouth going a mile a minute.  But she also had her quiet times when she was the best little mother to all her dolls and stuffed animals.  What a little cutie!!  Such a sweetie pie! So here they are:

Pete, David and Leah


Friday we went to the Apple Store where my niece works.  We met her there and had a lovely visit and saw all the amazing stuff!  They even have a couple of small tables with four chairs and computers set up with games for the little ones to play whilst the adults shopped!  I did buy the IHome docking system for my night table so I can listen to music and play my white noise sounds when I go to sleep and see the time! Plus a case and skin for my iPhone.

Here are a couple of pictures of the boys at the Rideau Centre:

DaveCorvetteDSC02967_edited-1 DPMallDSC02965_edited-1

Saturday Shan & I went to the Wool-Tyme yarn shop where I purchased yarn to knit a baby blanket and yarn to knit a sweater for Shannon.  It looks like the Peasy sweater may be too small for her.  I was totally braindead when I picked the size.  She wears a size 34 so that is the size I knit the sweater.  Duh?!  So she will be getting a different sweater and I hope I can find someone for the Peasy!  Also Pete wanted me to knit him a teddy bear like they gave him in the hospital! I took a picture and hope I can get it similar enough.  I have searched and cannot find this exact bear anywhere, but I think I should be able to make one up that is pretty close!


Sunday was going home day.  Granny kept the little ones for lunch so Shannon and Paul and I could go out for a lovely relaxing lunch, which we did and enjoyed very much!  Then after a visit with Brigid and the kids, it was off to the airport and home for me!

Monday was definitely a day of rest.  I couldn’t believe how tired I was!  This whole being on the go thing with three very active children around just about did me in!  I think I will have to build up my stamina for the next visit!!

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Frieda said...

I bet you were tired with 3 active little ones . I have Jessey for the day and I 'm done . Love him to pieces but he's a bundle of energy ...


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