07 May 2010


My Easy Peasy Teach sweater is finished, but it will not be for a teacher. I must say that it came out beautifully and I am really pleased with it, but the whole knitting the wrong size thing is the problem. I had an obvious brain fart when I thought that a sweater with a finished bust of 34 inches would fit someone with a bust size of 34 inches!

I know better! I am usually smarter than this. I think things through. I just don’t know what happened here. But what’s done is done and the finished project is gorgeous. Soft, with a lovely drape to it. This picture of it being blocked is the best I can do to show it off, as I don’t have anyone around here who could model it for me.


It has 3/4 sleeves and needs 5 buttons up at the top lace part and really is much lovelier than this picture shows.

Also, the colour is not quite right. This picture of the ball of wool would be closest to the actual colour of the sweater:

It is really a soft purple and very pretty.

I sincerely hope I can find a home for this sweater!

(I am hoping daughter #2 will like it and deign to offer it a place in her closet!)


Landerson said...

Daughter #2 loves it and would be tickled pink if it ended up in her closet:)

lexa said...

Very nice! Looks like it found a home after all.

Frieda said...

It's absolutely beautiful , I love the colour !

A Crafty Mom said...

It really did turn out well and looks spectacular!! It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see it on that lucky daughter #2 :)


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