26 April 2010

Boring, but a Post

We went to visit my brother and SIL and my sister and BIL in Yarmouth on Saturday.  We had a great visit, saw the site for my sister’s new home they are building on a lake.  They will have a gorgeous view….. the ocean can be seen beyond the lake.  Beautiful.  They are quite excited and looking forward to this new stage in their lives.  After living in England with all the traffic and congestion and close quarters, they think they have died and gone to heaven here in NS!

For dinner in Yarmouth, we had lobster!  Lots of lobster!  Straight from the steamer and with lots of butter!  With salads and rolls!  Wonderful and an amazing treat for the British who haven’t had lobster like that for many years!

I am flying up to Ottawa on Thursday morning for a visit with Shannon and her family. I will be staying until Sunday supper time and then home again by bedtime!  It will be nice to see the little ones, they change so quickly at these young ages.  Hopefully I will remember my camera and get some great pictures.  And I am going to lunch with a friend and yarn shopping on Thursday afternoon and to the Apple Store on Friday or Saturday!  Quite excited for my very busy visit.

The Peasy sweater is coming along.  I had a brief unrealistic moment when I thought I might actually have it finished before I got to Ottawa, but that’s not going to happen.  I am now finished both sleeves and am on the body. I have about 12 cm done and it wants 30 or more cm, plus the trim around the neck and the front edges button bands.  So it won’t be finished but I should be able to try it on for fit.  I have been measuring as I go and I still am getting gauge and the measurements are all spot on, so we will see!  I will also say that I am really enjoying knitting this cardigan, even with the deadly boring stocking stitch!  I did the sleeves on round needles, so that gave me a break as I could just knit all rows!


I am still wearing the wrist support and must say I am pleased.  I am knitting as much as normal and my wrist is just a little bit sore now, so I will continue to wear it!  It doesn’t really get it my way at all, but it seems to slow me down a bit on purl rows.  And as the body of this sweater is stocking stitch back and forth there are a lot of purl rows!


Nothing else to add for today.  Boring………………….


Frieda said...

The sweater is absolutely beautiful so far! Glad to hear that the wrist support is easing your pain .

Frieda said...
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Heddy said...

definately NOYT boring ... a post that talks of visits with relatives who haven't been home in a while, eating delicious fresh hot lobster and the progress (very speedy knittin' by the way) of a pretty sweater ... not boring!


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