31 May 2010

A Monday Morning in May

and I am waiting for the water treatment people to come and do the annual check on our system.  No time frame, just Monday.  Such a pain.  Totally ties up the whole day and John is busy all day, hence I get to stay home and wait.  Fortunately the French Open is on, so I can knit and watch tennis.  Justine Henin is playing this morning so that should be a good game.  And then up next is Rafael Nadal, definitely worth watching!!

We had a lovely weekend in Saint John with the A’s!  Little Reese was a lovely flower in her ballet recital.  Her group did a routine called Mary, Mary Quite Contrary! Too cute for words.  Having never been to a ballet recital before, we very much enjoyed seeing the different age groups and the improvement from the first groups.  The older girls were wonderful. They certainly give the little ones an idea of what they can achieve if they continue on in ballet!  No pictures were allowed at the recital, but I do have one of the little ballerina in her costume!


Ok, did that not bring a big old smile to your face?!

We also celebrated Hunter’s 2nd birthday on Saturday.  He got loads of great presents but I think he most enjoyed the cupcakes!  The tops were decorated as different balls, baseball, soccer, and football. H is a little ball fiend.  He loves any and every kind of ball!

HunterBCakeDSC03034_edited-1 HunterBDCakeDSC03038_edited-1 ReeseBDCakeDSC03036 YankeeFanDSC03030

And then, because this is a knitting blog after all, my weekend knitting:

This hat is made for my friend in England.  She picked out the yarn and pattern when she was here last week. I actually finished that on the drive to NB.

MargiesNoroHatDSC03040_edited-1 MargieZauberSocksDSC03042

The sock is also her choice. This is the Zauberball with shades of blue, which I think will knit up beautifully.  I am doing it in a rib pattern for brain-dead knitting.  I did work on it at Lauren’s house, but there is no great spot for knitting and I forgot my lamp.  Ugh!  When I got in the car to drive home I noticed a mistake and had to frog back to the cuff.  By the time we got home, I was finally back to where I had started frogging!!!

I am still working on the mini dress sweater for Shan and although it is just stocking stitch, it is a huge pain with having to constantly juggle the five balls of wool.  It does, however, keep it interesting!  It is not a take along project by any means!!  But I will say it is coming along nicely and I think I will be pleased with it when it is finished!

Almost forgot!  The Peasy sweater fit Lauren perfectly and she likes it, so I am pleased to say that it now has a home and is an orphan no longer!


lexa said...

Reese is just too cute! What a lovely little ballerina.

I hate that when you have an appointment to get something done, and they don't give a time, just the day! How annoying! But at least you've got your knitting and the tennis. :)

Landerson said...

Love it! Send me pics when you can!

Frieda said...

Your grandkids are soooo cute ! Looks like you all had a wonderful time together .


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