07 June 2010

The Rambling continues

It’s Monday again! Where did the last week go? I know I was busy with appointments, etc, but give me a break! Seven days just Gone! Like! That!

I did spend some time knitting and watching the French Open. ( Did you know they have an app for that? ) It boggles my mind that there seems to be an app for just about everything! And I mean everything. You can listen to radio stations anywhere around the world, or watch a ML Baseball game, or email , twitter, play games, get recipes, navigation……. the list just goes on and on. I belong to a group on Ravelry called, I Love My IPhone and I get tons of tips, free apps and great ideas from them. I know I am a geek and I revel in my geekhood.

FYI, I am also a Gleek. A Gleek is a fan of the TV program, Glee, which is just wonderful! I love it and look forward to Tuesday nights when it is on! Now that is a show that will cheer you up and make you smile! It deals with a lot of the issues teens have to handle these days and is not always cheery, but most usually sends a very important message cloaked in amongst the song and dance!

Anyway, back to the tennis. A lot of the top seeds and my favourite players were eliminated so I didn’t think the finals would be any good. The Ladies final was great and although I was hoping for the Aussie, Stosur, I was just as pleased when the Italian won. Almost 30 years old and winning the French Open was wonderful to see. She played beautifully and deserved to win. And very much appreciated winning!

The men’s final on the other hand was boring. Nadal won in straight sets. He played great tennis and totally overplayed Soderling who did try but just couldn’t pull it off this time. Next up, Wimbledon! And I am pretty sure there will be an app for that!

In other news, we are getting a new TV. Our not quite 5 year old TV has a large blue blotch covering about 1/3 of the screen. Everything in that blotch has a blue tint to it. So I called the Sony tech people and guess what? Tech guy goes, “Oh, the blue blotch.” I figure this is not a new issue with these TVs. No it is not, but, they are (of course) no longer making these models and don’t have the parts to repair it. Would I please send a picture documenting my issue and they will get back to me. I did. Being the total geek that I am, I paused the picture when it was the worst and took these pictures:

Sony PeopleDSC03022 SonyGolfDSC03023 SonyTennisDSC03020

So we are getting a new TV. I hope it is here by the time Wimbledon starts. As you can see from the golf green above, the blue really shows up on grass!

Lastly, for knitting, I am almost to the neck on the front of the mini dress sweater for Shan. The back is already done. So then it will just be the sleeves and seaming up and that is finished. I reeeeeeealllly hope it fits!

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lexa said...

T at work watches Glee and was always telling me about it. The first episode I watched was the Madonna episode, and I haven't missed one since! I love it! I'll have to go on-line sometime and catch the ones I missed.

TVs don't last very long any more. I still have an old floor model that my parents had when I was a kid. Sometimes it can be kinda funky, it doesn't really get used very often, but it is probably close to 30 years old, too. Someone gave my youngest a 19" flatscreen, but it has a blue vertical line through it. It doesn't bother him any. They're so nice and small and can be mounted on the wall. I'll get both boys new tvs at some point and wall-mount them, save some space in their cramped rooms.


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