24 May 2010

Wonderful Long Weekend

I really can’t help commenting on our weather.  We seriously never have a beautiful spring.  And a whole long weekend where every day was perfect……………….. Never!  But this year the spell has been broken. We have had 3 perfect days in a row.  Warm, sunny and with a breeze to keep the dreaded blackflies at bay. John golfed and worked in the yard, the dogs were walked and we sat out on the deck and it was just lovely.

So now what?  The weather gods can’t keep smiling on us.  We have not been worthy for some reason or other.  I anticipate fog all summer, or a drought where wells go dry and lawns turn brown.  Maybe hurricane season will start early.  I just don’t believe this will continue through to September.

And the other thing is: now that we have had a taste of a really nice spring, we might actually expect it to happen again next year.  And what are the odds of that happening?  50 – 1?  Or more?  We are being set up for disappointment!

The last time I remember a weekend this nice was 37 years ago.  That was the weekend we moved into our first (and only) newly purchased home.  Friends came and helped us clean and move furniture, appliances etc.  Shannon was 3 months old and we were moving to the country.  As a town girl, this was a big move for me!!!  Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We love our home and our property and have raised two children and numerous dogs here.  I can’t believe we have been here for 37 years!  It’s the old, my how time flies, thing I guess!

My May 2010 May Mystery sock is finished. It was designed by Cookie A who is one of my favourites and knit with Malabrigo yarn.  Another favourite.  No wonder I am so pleased with this pair of socks:


Next on the needles is a sweater for Shannon (that I actually hope will fit!).  I swatched, got gauge and cast on last evening for this:


Mini Dress by Caddy Melville Ledbetter (picture not great as I scanned it from the book).  The front and back are knit separately, but there are two stripes at both sides. These are done together with the main colour so I have 5 balls of yarn to work with.  The yarn is an Aran weight and should knit up fairly quickly, but I fear the balls tangling will be a definite slow down.  I have put them in baggies, hoping this will lessen the tangling issue.  We’ll see.  Progress picture in the next post!


lexa said...

This has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend! Today is so hot I planned on taking the boys to the beach to play in the sand. (Hopefully it won't be freezing when we get there.) If we get to go, that is - the Littlest One has stomach pains, but I'm thinking it's a bit of constipation. He had a terrible bout one time when he was four, and this is reminding me of it. I gave him a dose of lactulose this morning, and now things are happening, and he says he feels better. (Luckily I always have that stuff on hand cuz Pumba has to take it on a daily basis.) So fingers crossed we will get to the beach for a little bit at least!

Frieda said...

It's been absoluely gorgeous and dare I say HOT here as well . We've been swimming in the pool just about everyday . Yesterday the pool temperature was 82 degrees . Unbelieveable for the month of May !

Love the new socks ! Good luck with the new sweater , it looks to be a challenge ...


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