14 May 2010

Kudos to XM Radio Canada

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon that a parcel had arrived for me at the office in town.  As I was on my way home from Bridgewater, I detoured into town and picked up my parcel, which had arrived that morning mind you.  Less than 24 hours after placing my order, I should mention.

It was my new XM Radio, all shiny and bright and just waiting for me to install it in my vehicle.  But it had to hang on a little longer.  There was dinner to prepare and eat and dogs that needed their after dinner walk!  All these things were finished and so I sat down with the Quick Guide and the User Manual and skimmed through them.  Yes.  I had everything I needed and was ready to go.

Out to the car we went, me and my phone and assorted required bits and pieces.  I plugged in the power cord, then the new antenna and turned the car on.  I had sound, not static.  Hallelujah!  I turned it off and then tried it with the already snugly installed old antenna and it still worked!  Glory Hallelujah!  Now I didn’t have to take that long antenna and string it under carpets and windows and doors to get to the back of the car! 

It worked just like the tech lady said. One minute I had one channel, and then after a few minutes, 10, 20, 130 channels. She said it would be ready to go and that I wouldn’t have to phone to get it activated and it was!  Plus it has a bunch of new features that my old radio didn’t have!  I am one happy camper! 

Thank you XM Radio Canada for the wonderful service.


lexa said...

Whenever I've had to call them they've always been very nice and helpful.

Glad you are back in business!

Heddy said...

:) Good to hear it all worked out for you !

Frieda said...

Wow , amazing that IS service ! Glad that it worked out...


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