17 May 2010

Monday Morning Wrap-up

The weekend is over and here it is, the start of a new week!  And I have knitting news to report.

First and foremost, the Big Brother Bear arrived in Ottawa and was successfully received.  I now have orders for 2 more.  David wants a black one with a red/green sweater.  Leah doesn’t care and will probably get a pink one. Both will be smaller than Pete’s Big Brother one out of respect for seniority in the household.

Another pair of socks are on the needles.  This time I am doing the Sock Knitters Anonymous May Mystery sock designed by Cookie A.  I love her designs and have knit several of them.  I tend not to do mystery socks ( I am anal and like to see what I am knitting ), so this time I cheated and waited until Clue 2 was out and some fast knitters had done it up.  I loved it and am now on the leg of the second sock.  They are mirror images, so the left leg swirls the other direction.

 MysterySockSKAMay10DSC03009_edited-1 MysterysockCloseupDSC03008_edited-1

Interesting side note: I have tried in the past to use the knitting cables without a cable needle method with no success. 25 out of 26 rows in this pattern repeat require a minimum of 3 and maximum of 9 cables per row. So after a couple of inches I went online and found some great instructions and now I am cabling without a cable needle.  And it is going well. Now I grant you, it is only 2 stitches for each cable, but I do have the whole thing down pat and it is going along much faster!

Friends of ours arrived from England for their annual two week May visit.  She is another person who likes hand knit socks, so these Likin'emAgain-1  were ready for her.  Plus the Happy Go Lucky Clapotis now has a very happy new owner.  M loves reds and pinks, so it is a match made in heaven! HappyGoLuckyClapDSC02906







Final knitting comment:  We had friends in for dinner Friday night and one of them is a size small.  Lo and behold, I had a model for the Peasy sweater.  Not only did it fit her perfectly, but she loved it and is now first in line in case Daughter # 2 decides it is too small or she doesn’t like it.  At least I know that it will have a good home either in NB or here in NS!


We had a busy weekend with lots of socializing.  My dinner party Friday night was a great success.  I made the Gorgonzola Spaghettini  a la Roland at Charlotte Lane in Shelburne, and if I do say so myself, it was delicious! 

Now I look forward to a quiet week with maybe one day trip to Mahone Bay with UK friend!

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A Crafty Mom said...

The sweater is really gorgeous! It fits her perfectly :)

Yes, Big Brother Bear is a big hit, and you do have two more orders, for sure. Leah would definitely like PINK!! No rush, they will be happy to have them whenever.

So glad the dinner party and all the socializing went well - you are one busy bee!


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