12 May 2010

Just a Ramble, not a Rant

I really like it when customer service works the way it should!  Doesn’t ever, often happen, but when it does, it makes me sooo happy.

I have been having problems with my portable XM Radio in my car.  Now you have to realize that I truly LOVE my satellite radio!  We live in the country and have our choice of two, count them. 2 stations.  So when I received XM Radio for Christmas one year from my daughter and SIL, it was like a revelation.  I could listen to anything I wanted. Talk, music, news, sports & baseball!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  It was wonderful!  I mean, I could never imagine going without it!

The problems started a day or so after we got home from Florida. All of a sudden I was getting static and poor reception and I assumed (never assume) that the antenna wiring had gotten loose or something with all the packing and unpacking of the vehicle.  So I put off trying to find out the issue and jigged with this and that for several weeks. I got static but could move from station to station to get the signal in better, but it really was frustrating listening.  Sometimes I would just turn it off!  And then one day John called from my car and said how sad it was that my radio was off and he knew how much I loved it and to go get a new one. So I did.  And that one didn’t work either. So we were thinking it was the radio in my car.

Now by this time I am seriously considering buying a new car with the XM radio all installed. (That is not really as farfetched as it sounds as my vehicle is 5 years old and has over 200,000 kms on it and John has been wanting me to get a new car for months now!)  But I really love my car and wasn’t quite prepared to give up on it!

So I went to a car audio place and buddy there suggested trying my XM radio in John’s car.  Well, it didn’t work there and it didn’t work in the house either. Tadah! Do you see the light bulb go on?

This afternoon I called the Delphi people who make the radio and tech guy says something is wrong with the board inside.  And he also says that the one I bought didn’t work because I didn’t connect both the magnetic antenna and the other one. (It came with two antennae but I didn’t think it needed both to be connect!) Nothing was wrong with the radio, I just didn’t hook it up properly.

Next I called the XM Radio people and ordered a new radio which is being couriered to me and which should work just fine with the magnetic antenna and shouldn’t need a direct FM antenna installed.  The new one will be all set to go the minute I plug it in my car and it will be transferred to my account and the faulty one will be removed! I mean, how easy is that?

Stay tuned for the update when I actually get the radio and hook it up in my car.  We’ll see how easy it is then. (She said with just the tiniest hint of doubt in her voice.)

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lexa said...

Hubs has XM in his truck. His radio went funky on him, too, after he got this new truck, but then it came back around. My XM radio seems to have totally died, but I don't mind not having it in my car, I don't go that far. But being a truck driver he goes INSANE without it. He loves listening to his sports and those shock jock channels that aren't fit to listen to. They are really good to deal with. When I called recently to pay for his for a year and disconnect mine they tried to sell me a new one, of course, but he wasn't at all pushy when I declined.


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