19 April 2010

Monday Morning Mishmash

Maybe I spoke too soon in my last post and jinxed everything springlike.  It has been cold and rainy since then.  And I mean cold and rainy.  Not that tolerable mild drizzle type of rain, but the cold, raw, goes-right-through you rain.  Even your bones feel cold!  However, the weatherman is calling for better weather mid week, so we shall look forward to that!

I finished my Lindsay socks.  I will confess that although I didn’t particularly care for the yarn or the pattern, the socks are great.  They fit well and seem softer once they had their Eucalan bath. 


You still can’t see the sparkles in the yarn, so you will have to take my word for it that they do sparkle.  I knit them with the Dream in Colour Starry colourway Deep Seaflower.  The link shows the colour and the sparkles.

So having finished that I started the Peasy sweater for Shannon on Saturday evening.  Then I knit all afternoon Sunday whilst watching sports on TV and just about dinner time I noticed a mistake in the lace pattern right at the start. This sweater is knit from the neck down and the front panels have a lace section at the top. Probably not noticeable to the average person, but as a knitter, I couldn’t live with it. So out come 11 rows and then pick up and start all over again.  Because the sweater is knit top down, I am increasing 8 stitches in every other row, and was up to 220 some stitches when I had to rip back. GRRRRRRR!  Anyway, having worked on it all evening, I am almost back to where I made the mistake.



As you can see from the lace panel, it is symmetrical and would have stuck out like a sore thumb, so although it was a pain to rip it out (and my wrists are a little sore) I am glad that I did and it will be perfect! BTW, the colour is not that deep a purple, it is more like this:

So off for another week of life on the South Shore of NS.  Meetings, appointments, lunches and some knitting.  Same old same old.

And to whomever it concerns: Please let the sun come out soon?!

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lexa said...

It was getting bright a little while ago, but now it's gotten dark again. I hope the warm weather comes back soon!


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