22 April 2010

Easy Peasy, Maybe Not

OK. Everything seems to be fine again. The sun is shining and yes, I do think that spring is really here. The temps are in the low teens, but the grass is growing, the trees all have buds and some have actual leaves and my rhubarb is growing by leaps and bounds. I see rhubarb crisp being baked at our house in the next week or so! Love rhubarb crisp!!! I often make mine with strawberries for sweetening instead of sugar. I really like the sweet and sour tastes mixing it up in your mouth and tantalizing your taste buds!

My Peasy sweater is growing by leaps and bounds. Well, sort of centimetre by centimetre, but you get my drift. The actual knitting of the pattern is easy, but following the pattern takes concentration. It is one of those patterns that say, do this for x number of rows, whilst at the same time, do this for a different x number of rows, and so on and so on! It definitely requires attentiveness. That being said, I have reached the armhole divides, and as per the pattern, am knitting the first sleeve. I am using a round needle (can you believe I had a small round 3.5 Addi?) instead of knitting it straight and then seaming it. I am actually knitting the sweater with 3. 75 needles, but I recall reading somewhere that your tension is looser knitting in the round than straight stocking stitch. Hence the 3.5 mm for the sleeve. Plus the fact that I don’t have a small 3.75 and I wanted to continue working on the sweater and not have to schlep to Mahone Bay to get one. I will say that I cannot see the difference at all. Can you?


The thing is, I actually did a swatch for this one and was just out with the 3.5 mm the pattern called for so I tried the 3.75 mm and voila! Stitch and row gauge! That never happens to me. I will usually get stitch gauge, but not both! So I did feel pretty safe using the smaller size round Addis. BTW, I really like this yarn! It is called Zara Solid by Filatura Di Crosa and is a superwash merino wool!

On the other hand, that would be my left one, I appear to be getting a bit of tendonitis……. the bane of knitters everywhere. So I thought I would nip that sucker problem in the bud and I bought a wrist support apparatus to wear whilst I am knitting. It worked fine last evening, I wore it and did a lot of knitting and my wrist is no worse today. Not better, but no worse and it didn’t hurt at all. So we will see how that goes.

Saturday we are going down to Yarmouth for a lobster feed at my brother’s house. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that my sister and husband were moving back from England and they are building in Yarmouth county. So we are all getting together for the first time in 9 years! Should be fun and very very tasty. I LOVE LOBSTER! My all time favourite food! And the family of course.

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lexa said...

Y,know, rhubarb crisp makes a great Knit Nite treat.... lol! I love rhuabarb!


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