13 April 2010

Can’t You Just Smell Them!

I really think spring is here.  Last night whilst walking the dogs I found these.  Mayflowers!  I didn’t pick a lot, just a few to bring that wonderful scent into my home! 


Anyone from Nova Scotia will tell you that gorgeous Mayflower scent is something they will never forget and will always long for, no matter where they are in the world! There is just nothing like it!

The sun is shining and although it is not quite as warm as the last few days, it is wonderful nonetheless. Daffodils are out. Our forsythia is just about to bloom.  And the Magnolia tree that John planted last summer is full of blooms almost ready to open!


Frieda said...

Wow , you're ahead of us . Nothing really blooming here yet , but the buds are out on my pussy willow shrub . Beautiful Mayflower , never heard of it before but it looks spectacular !

lexa said...

I've got daffodils in bloom and have buds on my tulips. Tons of other stuff are coming up, too. I love mayflowers! Unfortunately now ticks are out, too. I don't love those. I hate them with a passion!!

Landerson said...

Love them! Wonder if they have them here in NB, haven't ever looked.


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