03 April 2010

Life Goes On

Here it is, the Easter weekend and the beautiful weather the forecasters predicted has yet to come to pass. Dreary and overcast again today.  I do, however, remember my mother telling me that Good Friday is almost always a bad day weatherwise. ( After all, that is the day Jesus died on the cross and hence the miserable weather.)  And I must say, there might be something to that as it is very seldom sunny and warm on Good Friday.  So now I am looking forward to a beautiful Easter Day with sun and warm and all signs of spring!  Just call me Pollyanna! :))

Things are back to normal here and we are all much happier for it.  I cannot believe how even sleeping in your own bed makes a difference, but it does.  Both John and I agree that we are sleeping so much better now than we did in Florida!  We have all fallen back into our regular routines, including the dogs, and life goes on the way we like it.

Tonight we are going to White Point for dinner with friends and we are looking forward to that.  Most of the restaurants we went to in Florida and whilst traveling, were chains, so this will be a lovely change.  John has booked his first golf game of the spring and I have booked a flight to Ottawa to see Shan and family the end of April, first of May weekend.  Can’t wait to see the little ones.  They change so quickly at this age.  Miss Leah is house- broken, er toilet trained and talking a mile a minute and the boys are growing and learning by leaps and bounds!  It will be fun to see them especially after our Florida visit with Lauren’s little ones.

Even my knitting is getting back to normal.  I finished my third Clapotis (it is blocking as I type ) and have cast on for a pair of socks!  I am using my Dream in Colour Starry using the Cookie A pattern, Lindsay, and making them for me! Yay!


The white shawl for Shan and the pink baby blanket are blocked and ready for gifting:

 White ClapotisDSC02897PrettyinPinkBlankieDSC02896 

I am really pleased how well both of these came out.  The shawl has a beautiful drape and is perfect for summer wear.  The blanket is delightfully soft and comfy and is perfect for a little girl!

Did I mention that my iPhone is back working and I LOVE it again!?  Whilst I was in Florida I got a couple of protective covIphoneCaseDSC02900ers for it. This one with the “diamonds” is my favourite:


I really do believe there is more than a little crow in me…… I just lovely sparkly things!  I also joined a group on Ravelry called “ I Love My iPhone”.  Getting lots of great tips and app suggestions there I tell you!

Here’s hoping everyone has a lovely Easter!

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lexa said...

It has turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, or so it seems -- I'm stuck inside at work. Going to BIL's for bbq tonight. Tomorrow will be a yard work day after the egg hunt, then off to Ma and Pa's for ham!


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