10 April 2010

The British are Coming!

The British are coming!  My sister and BIL are moving back to Canada today from England where they have resided for the past many years. (Not sure exactly how many, but I would guess around 20!)  I am going to the airport shortly to get them and all their luggage and their cat! The flight gets in at 12:45, but nobody is sure how long it will take to get through customs.  They have all the luggage that is with them and they apparently also have to fill out a claim form for the things that are being shipped over and then we have to go somewhere special to pick up the cat after she’s been examined by a vet and given the go ahead!  So I will take my knitting in case.  You know, just to be sure if I do have a long wait!

They are so looking forward to moving home again. Ian in English, but loves Canada and Nova Scotia.  They have bought property in Yarmouth county on a lake and plan to build there!  A big job, but that’s their dream.  My brother has found them a furnished apartment 5 minutes from their property and they have cleaned it all up so it is ready to walk in! Groceries and all!  He’s even arranged for a loaner car!  This will be the first time they will ever be here when our kids and grandkids are here, and they are looking forward to meeting them all this summer!

As for knitting, here is the latest:

The Happy Go Lucky Clapotis blocked and finished:


Progress on the Lindsay socks:


You can’t see the sparkles, but it is the Starry yarn. I am doing the TAAT so I do have the second sock done to this point as well!

And then the I’m a Big Boy Blanket I am making for my aesthetician:


This is a pattern my KN friend adapted from another pattern so I can’t link to it, but you get the picture.  Mitred squares done in rows. I have 7 squares done so I shall have to do 7 rows! It is kind of addictive. Finish one square and then you want to start another, and so on and so on……

My next project is going to be the Peasy sweater for Shannon.  She wanted a cardigan to wear when she goes back to school, something to slip on and off and this is what she chose from the suggestions I offered her!  She adores it were her exact words!  And of course the colour is:


So I will have enough to keep me busy for the next little while!

And now I am off to the airport!  As I said earlier in my post, “the British are coming!”

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lexa said...

How fun that they are going to get to see all the great nieces and nephews this year! It will be so much nicer with them a couple of hours away instead of across the sea! (But at least you got to go to England once in awhile.)

That's a nice cardigan. Who would have guessed the color? lol! And those little blankets are addictive, that's for sure. You'll have to take a picture of the Starry socks outside in the sun and see if it shows up the sparklies better. :)


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