30 March 2010

Big Whoops

Ok, so like I said yesterday, I had decided to soak and block all my finished Florida projects that day. The Kai-Mei-Sky socks were on the blockers and pictures were taken.

Next up I soaked the white Clapotis and then whilst I was blocking that, I put the Olympic sweater in to soak.

OMG!  I went to rinse it and whoooooa……… it stretched. And stretched!  And then it stretched some more!  It came down to my knees!  The sleeves were so freaking long that they were past my knees.  As you might imagine, I was a little more than marginally upset and thinking “what the “*&!@” am I going to do with this?  Can it be rescued?  Maybe it could be worn as a dress?  Or a really long tunic?  Give it to a very tall thin person!?  Possibly ravel it out and shorten it?  Not!”  The thoughts were swirling around in my mind as to how I could save this sweater that I had knit in two weeks for the Ravelympics, that I had spent all that money on for the gorgeous washable wool and that was knit specifically to fit my eldest daughter. 

So I did what any self respecting knitter with a project that was too big would do………. I put it in the dryer and left!  I went to my friend’s house for dinner where I put it out of my mind and didn’t think of it again until I came home.  Then, with a great deal of trepidation I opened the dryer door, and, voila:


The sweater - dry and back to its proper shape and dimensions!  Whew!  Great big freaking “WHEW!” 

So now we know that the sweater is totally washable and can must be thrown in dryer!  How great is that?!  I should mention that line drying would probably end up with a realllllllly long sweater!  In case Shan someone is thinking of doing that in an effort to be environmentally friendly!

Next and last up - the pink blankie.


lexa said...

Glad you saved that sweater! It must have been full fledged panic mode -- I know it would have been for me!

Frieda said...

Glad that it all worked out! It really is a beautiful sweater ...

Landerson said...

Whew is right! Looks great!


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