11 March 2010

Viva la Difference!

We actually had a lovely sunny day where we could sit out on the beach all day yesterday! The weather has been really cool and unlike typical Florida weather all winter. We have friends who have been here since January and they have been golfing in long pants and sweaters! So we are hoping that, despite the rain for Thursday and Friday, things pick up whilst Lauren and her family are here, so the little ones can play on the beach and in the pool!

But, FYI, this is what it is like today:

And what it will be like tomorrow only with heavy rain.

If you check this picture of the palm tree in front of our balcony with the one in the previous post, you will see what I mean by wind!

On the iPhone front, Bell finally called me yesterday and have decided that I need another new SIM card. They are couriering one down here and it should arrive today or tomorrow. Cross your fingers, although I will say, I am not optimistic. Miss Pollyanna has finally reached the glass have empty stage!

We are now off to the mall to do some shopping for J and then some grocery shopping. The kids arrive tomorrow!

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lexa said...

The beach is pretty unpopulated. Too bad the weather isn't nicer. Hub's aunt has a house in Vero Beach, and they've had it cool all winter. Hope it comes around next March break when we are going to try and get there!


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