15 March 2010

And so it continues

The weather that is.  After two lovely days on the weekend, we are back to cool and windy and not beach weather.  Again.

Lauren and family arrived late Friday night and we have had a great time with everyone.  The little ones enjoyed the beach and the sun and all that goes with it on the weekend.  And the parents went to a hockey game yesterday to see Sidney Crosby and the Penguins play the Tampa Lightning!  They had a wonderful time and we got some up close and personal time with the grandkids!  ( Reese calls me NanaD, Hunter has shortened it down to Deeee! )  They decided to go to the Tampa Zoo today, and where the kids love the Madagascar movies, I envision a seriously fun day!

The pink baby blanket is finished and I even have a recipient for it!  We just learned a couple of days ago that John’s nephew and his wife are having a little girl in September.  So congrats to Cameron and Julie!


And I am finally going to CO for a pair of socks!  Dream Twister socks by Mona Schmidt in Malabrigo Impressionist Sky!  Yay!  These are the third pair for a friend who asked me to knit her some socks! 


I’m thinking I may call them Twisted Sisters……….

Doorbell just rang! Purolator guy. My new SIM card is here and it WORKS!!! I’m baaaaacccck!!!!!  I now love my iPhone again! Just an aside.  A friend of mine asked me what was the least used app on the iPhone………………. guess what it is?


The phone! 


lexa said...

Love the baby blanket! Very pretty, glad it is going to have a home. Too bad your weather isn't warmer. Next March break we were hoping to get to Florida. Hubs's aunt has a house in Vero Beach. Knowing our luck it will be cool and not summer-like!

Glad you got your new SIM card. I can't imagine you not being able to use your iPhone, with you being such a techy person. :)

Frieda said...

Love the baby blanket ! It didn't take you long at all to knit it . I get bored with blankets and have such a hard time getting them done .

Hope the weather chnges for the better...


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