08 March 2010

Update From Florida

Well it seems like the weather has finally decided to become more Florida-like!  Our friends left today and we spent the afternoon out on the beach on a lounge chair!  With the umbrella thingy up, it was just lovely and the coolish breeze was kept away.

Some of my KN friends wanted pics, so here we are:

The view looking from the left of our balcony:


  The view looking to the right:


And the view looking directly out!  We are often seeing dolphins going up and down in the ocean!


Now for some knitting progress.  I finished the white Clapotis that I had started for Shan in January:

Clapotis Beach ClapotisDeck

It still needs to be blocked but I think it will be perfect when it is!

Then I started this Drops Baby Blanket:

Drops Blanket DropsBlanketBeach

I think I may not have enough yarn to finish this. I bought the required 8 balls, but I am using 5 mm needles instead of the 4.5 mm needles it suggested and my math is telling me that I am going to need one more ball!

A quick stop at a yarn shop not tooo far away netted me this little gem:GoldRitratto

 Stacy George Ritratto and does that look like me or what???

I cannot believe, having just checked my Ravelry projects page, that I don’t have a pair of socks on the needles, not have had for several weeks.  I may have to do something about that! It’s not like I didn’t bring sock yarn with me! :))

Finally, for anyone who may be interested, my iPhone issues are still being looked into by the higher echelon tech people who work 9 – 5 with weekends off and may just have their heads up a body part I shouldn't say here, for all the satisfaction I am getting! Not a rant, just an observation!


lexa said...

Thanks for the pictures! Glad the weather has warmed up for you. Are your girls and their families going to be joining you for a bit this time?

You'll have to get a pair of socks on the go so you don't miss out on any KALs! Love that new yarn, too, and that's a very pretty baby blanket. The baby blanket I had planned to knit is still going to be made but can unfortunately be put off for a bit. The friend I was going to make it for had a miscarriage. :( (Going to make another one of those mitred square blankets.)

Frieda said...

What a beautiful view off the balcony ! Glad that you're finally getting warmer weather .

The clapotis is just stunning . It has a lovely drape to it .Love your new yarn , what's the plan for it ? Now hurry up and get some socks on the needles ;-) ....


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