19 March 2010

The Road Not Taken

Or the pattern not taken if you will. Having announced in my last post that I was going to cast on for the Dream Twister socks, I decided to read the pattern.  Uh oh?!  These make a size 9/10 sock and my friend takes a size 7.  What to do? What to do?  I didn’t have a printer so I couldn’t print off a new pattern and the only sock pattern book I brought was the Cookie A Sock Innovation.  So I am doing Kai-Mei in the same Malabrigo Impressionist Sky blue and I think they will be lovely. I’m doing them 2 at a time and am at the heel panel on both socks.  The pattern is a 3 x 3 rib to this point and seriously boring to this point, but now comes the fun pattern part! Oh and I have decided to call them Kai-Mei Sky!


The weather is still cool and windy. Yesterday I ventured out to my beach chair but had to come in because of the blowing sand.  It was everywhere! Most unpleasant.  I am hoping for a seriously warmer beach day today.  The poor little ones want to go to the beach but it is just too cold and windy for them.  So their parents take them off on little trips to parks and playgrounds and they have a wonderful time!  But is still isn’t the same as the beach!!! The weatherman is predicting sunny and 70s for the next couple of days, so I am crossing my fingers!

Lauren and I had a pedicure yesterday and I will say it was probably the best pedicure I have ever had.  (Lauren concurs.)  It took a little more than an hour and we had the massage chairs to sit in, so we were seriously relaxed and feeling good when we were finished! I initially wanted the French tips, but then opted for gold sparkly polish. So what do I get?  I ended up with a coat of turquoise and then a coat of silver! Lots of sparkly but not really me! But pretty and funky and shiny!  Like I have said before, there is a bit of crow in me!! :))


And of course, the little ones:

Reese HunterD


Lara said...

Oh! Did you make the kai mei socks for Shan in green? I think they were one of the pair that had me so smitten I ended up at the store buying sock yarn of my own :)

Heddy said...

Pretty socks ... pretty toes ... gorgeous kiddies!

lexa said...

I started a pair of vanilla socks this weekend in the city at the curling tournament, but I thought the yarn would look different. Going to look around at who else used that yarn and colorway and see what they did. I didn't knit very much on them, that's how disappointed I was in them.

The weather was chilly here today, but yesterday and the day before were gorgeous! A sign on one of the buildings in the city said +17C on Friday, and yesterday was even nicer. I see all this week is lower single digits. :(


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