23 March 2010

Heading Out ( and home )

I am getting ready to head out to the beach. It is sunny and warm with a light breeze. Two days left before we head out for home on Thursday and if it is sunny, I intend to get some of it!

This has probably not been our best holiday, what with John’s neck issue, the cold weather, our friend John’s back, the cold weather, and finally, the just plain cold, windy, miserable weather. And yet we managed to have a great time. Although the guys couldn’t play golf, we had a wonderful week with our friends, J & D!  Lots of laughs, good food and drink. Then a few days later, Lauren and Mark, Reese and Hunter arrived. They did day trips on bad weather days and we spent some fun time on the beach when it was sunny. Who could help but have fun with these things around:

HunterBeach ReeseBeach  R&HBeach

LaurenBeach Piggyback

And when they were getting ready for bed and have some quiet time, we got this:

ReeseTv HunterTV

Now everyone has gone and we have a few days to rest up, pack and get ready for the drive home. John is actually out at the golf course hitting balls on the driving range today and hopes to play a game tomorrow!  Yay John!

Just a quick update on my Kai-Mei Sky socks.  I have the second sock just about to the end of the pattern, so they should be finished before I leave! They are the third pair for my friend F. Hoping she likes them!  Lauren is my foot model:



I need a project to work on in the car on the way home, so I will probably use my Socks That Rock yarn, colourway Happy Go Lucky and knit another Clapotis. This one will be a scarf as I don’t have enough yarn for a shawl!

So this is it until we get home!  Looking forward to seeing my dogs and all my friends.  On Sunday I was talking to my friend D who is dog sitting for me and she says they are doing really well and Mr Gunni follows her around all the time. I believe the exact words she used are that he has been “perfect”.  No accidents in the house and peeing and pooping on his walks!

See you in Nova Scotia!


lexa said...

Too bad the weather hadn't been nicer for you. Hope John gets at least one golf game in before you head home!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a safe trip home!

Frieda said...

Have a safe trip home !


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