29 March 2010

Home At Last

And seriously glad to be here! The drive home was much less eventful than the one down, but still, four days on the road is three days too long.  Next year, assuming we go, and go for a month, we will FLY!  I don’t ever want to have to make that drive again!

Our dogs were very happy to see us and just about turned themselves inside out with excitement! That always makes you feel good!  Mind you, they are almost that excited when I get home from grocery shopping, so who knows.  A dog trainer once told me that dogs don’t have any concept of time, whether you are gone for an hour or six hours.  A day or a month.  Anyway, ours did very well with Debra, our housekeeper/dog-sitter and Gunni even looks as if he lost a pound or two.  The little guy had gotten quite chunky last summer at the boarders, but he is looking good now! Plus my house has been cleaned from top to bottom, windows inside and out and the whole place looks great!  How lucky am I?  I sometimes wonder what we would ever do without Debra?  She has been so good to us and is always willing to help out here or there with the dogs or whatever.  Yes, we are very lucky and we very much appreciate her!

Some exciting news:  My sister and her husband have sold their house in England and are moving to Nova Scotia.  They bought some land on a lake in Yarmouth county and are planning to build there.  And they arrive next weekend!! Saturday, April 10!  I will pick them up at the airport and then my brother will meet us here and take them back to Yarmouth.  He has rented them a furnished apartment about 5 minutes from where they are building, so everything is working out beautifully for them!  It will be really nice to have them on this side of the Atlantic and to be able to get together for holidays, etc! 

I finished a lot of projects in Florida and am now soaking/blocking them.  First up, my Kai-Mei Sky socks for my friend Fran.  I will send her a picture and see if they meet with her approval.  Here they are:

The lacework at the foot doesn’t go all the way around to the other side of the foot as she wears a size 7ish shoe, but I think they look pretty darn nice none the less!

I am going to soak and block the sweater, blanket and white shawl today and tomorrow.  Pictures to follow when they are all done up!

   Grocery shopping is next on my list for today!


lexa said...

We left our two dogs at the kennel last weekend when we went to the curling tournament in Halifax. They freaked out when we arrived to pick them up! And mine are the same, too -- if I leave for five minutes or five hours they act the same!

Frieda said...

Welcome home ! I'm not a lover of long road trips either . I think it started the year I was pregnant with Casey and we drove across Canada and back home in 3 weeks . I was about 6 months along so not too bad , it was wonderful trip in so many ways .

Knitter said...

Yaaay for Yarmouth!! lol My Fiance and I are considering, at the back of our minds, of going to Florida someday. It's much closer than California or Hawaii, obviously.


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