04 February 2010

A Rant and that’s all!

It appears this is going to be a non knitting rant, so feel free to move on before I get started.

The other day my TweetDeck application said something about a password change which I totally ignored because I have never used a password to open TweetDeck.  Anyway I figure that they are having issues and it will resolve.  Not! It seems to be my Twitter account. I keep being locked out of Twitter! Apparently I am some sort of computer programming genius (NOT) or my computer has been hacked.  (Again: NOT).  So yesterday I read all the FAQs and other crap pertinent information they fill their help/support pages with so you won’t try to contact them.  I did everything they suggested.  I changed my password.  They then locked that one.  I waited the required 60 minutes before trying to login again, but still locked out.  So I changed the freaking password again.  I am in and all is well until I sign out and try to sign back in.  Locked again!  Another 60 minute wait!  Still locked out!!  Another password change, and so on all day long till I went to bed last night.

I did, about late afternoon, break down and sent them a Ticket with a very polite explanation of my problem.  I immediately received the obligatory “ We have received your ticket and will deal with it shortly”.  Then, a couple of hours later I received another email telling me to check this page and that page and if that didn’t work, to reopen my ticket. ( That whole ticket thing is their version of an issue email.)  I again read the same pages and did the same things to no avail.  By now I am furious!  What a freaking waste of time! My time, by the way because trust me, it didn’t take them very long to send me that useless form letter!

You might wonder why I don’t just get rid of the whole thing and be done with it. Believe me, I would have if I didn’t really like it and often use it when we are traveling to keep in touch with our family and up to date on the latest news.  So now I decide I will simply open another Twitter account.  Guess what, apparently you can only have one account per email address.  However, being a very resourceful lady, I used one of my other email accounts that I hardly ever check and did manage to open a new account last night. Would you believe that now, the next morning, I cannot sign in to either freaking account!!!

OK. I am just about ready to admit defeat and when suddenly it dawns on me (as I am typing this rant) that maybe the problem is with my computer and not with Twitter. Maybe my security is blocking something. Please wait one moment whilst I check this out. 

So I go to my Internet options/ tools/ security.  I empty my history.  I dumped any cookies that came with Twitter.  I checked the saved passwords link and removed the Twitter passwords from that. (Which was not the latest one I used to sign in).  And now I am about to go and sign out of Twitter and then try to sign back in.

I AM IN!!!  I can also use TweetDeck again on both my computer and iPhone!  So now I have to apologize to Twitter for this rant. I’m guessing they probably aren’t the slightest bit interested in my little blog and will never see this, but, I apologize for all the things I said and more importantly, the ones I thought!  Mea culpa!  My bad!


lexa said...

Glad you got things working again. I know what you are like with your techy gadgets. How'd you like the movie?

Frieda said...

I gotta say that you're pretty good at the tech stuff . And you hae more patience than I have , I'd probably just write off Twitter .

A Crafty Mom said...

It sounds like you possibly have some addiction problems with this "Twitter". You probably need to seek medical help :)


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