22 February 2010

The Mid Point

Apparently we are just now in the middle of the Olympics and I am beginning to think I may actually finish my Sweaterboard Cross event.  Especially if I stay up to the wee small hours watching the curling and figure skating as I have done the past few nights!  Tired?  You betcha!  But totally worth it.  My rational is that I am going to miss 4 days of coverage whilst we drive to Florida so I have to jam in as much as I can before we leave. So I watch and knit.  Here is my progress so far:

Blueberry sweaterDSC02793 BlueberrySweaterBodyDSC02794

14 inches so far of the sleeve which needs to be 19 inches long.  And the body of the sweater to the arm hole decreases is 16.5 inches in length!  I should finish one sleeve and get a start on the other today.  Then it is just a matter of connecting all three pieces, knitting the yoke and decreasing up to the neck.  Sounds doable doesn’t it?

My biggest time suck right now is trying to get everything organized to leave.  What to pack?  What to take that I absolutely must have.  My first priority of course is to make sure I have enough knitting.  And every time I tell someone the list of projects I’m taking with me, I think to myself, “that might not be enough. Maybe I  better pack one more sock project.”  So far I have my sweater project, which needs to be finished by the 28th, the Clapotis shawl I am knitting and is about 4/5ths done.  A baby blanket and a pair of socks. Plus the yarn from the Rockin Sock Club that I think I will make into a Clapotis scarf!  I appear to be totally enthralled with the Clapotis after not jumping on the bandwagon for a few years!  But I really think the yarn will look lovely in the scarf and there is not enough yardage for a full shawl.

Also, I have been helping a friend who has decided that she wants to knit a pair of socks.  We bought the yarn and the needles and she is knitting a pair for her 2 year old granddaughter!  Great fun!  Always a pleasure to introduce someone to knitting and watch them learn and love it!

Ok. That’s it for now.  The US beat Canada in hockey, but our dance team is ahead of the US team after the original dance.  The free skate is tomorrow night and it is shaping up to be wonderful!

Maybe I will just pack one more skein of sock yarn.  In case I don’t find a yarn shop somewhere in Florida!

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lexa said...

I knit solely on my shawl yesterday. I'm probably half done or close to it, so that's what I'm going to concentrate on now til the end of the Olympics. I do have some easy peasy stuff to take to work just in case I get a chance to knit a bit there. Can't do complicated at work since I have to be able to drop it in an instant.

I actually went to bed before midnight last night, aggravated with that darned hockey game! I went on the computer this morning to see how the Canadians were doing in the ice dancing. Guess I'll have to watch that tonight. I'm totally disappointed in the speed skating, especially the men. I heard on the radio this morning that one of the guys who they thought would get a medal or two said there was too much pressure on him to win in Canada, and he buckled under the pressure. And that poor girl who's mother died... she's either going to do awesome in her skate or buckle, and either way it's understandable.

I haven't knit a Clapotis yet. After seeing that first one you did I am itching to get some of that yarn and try one! I think we're going to pass through NB this summer, I'll have to stop and get a skein. If not I may get you to grab me one next time you go.


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