13 January 2010

Overfelted but still Wanted! FOs & Help

The mittens cursed about at length mentioned in the previous post will now definitely have a home. WhiteFeltedMittsDSC02686_edited-1 Shannon thinks they may fit her and if not, they do fit my friend P and she would take them off my hands in a pinch. Shannon has a white hat and scarf that I knit her so they would be great with those too. Whoever ends up with them, they have a much better outcome than I initially envisioned! ( Think shredded and thrown in the garbage!) I must say, I feel much better now that at least I know my time and effort were not wasted!

Next up, I knit a little pair of black fingerless mitts for Pete. Apparently he loves his mother’s pair and wears BlackFingerlessMittsPeteDSC02687them all the time. So now he will have a pair of his own. I also have lots of yarn left over in case Dave wants a pair too! I may have to put some initials or something to tell them apart if D does want a pair!

And I finished the clogs for Lauren’s MIL! ClogsBarbDSC02688 They just need felting but I am waiting until I knit another pair for Lauren, who called and mentioned that she had holes in the bottoms of both her slippers now and could I possibly knit her another pair!? Now the question is: what colours should I use? I did these in browns because the recipient got a gorgeous brown dressing gown for Christmas and I thought they would look nice together. I am sure there will be some needlefelting of this pair to perk them up! But the next pair is going to be bright and cheerful!

Last but by far not least, our prayers go out to all those in Haiti, the victims and the people trying to help. Having just read the Yarn Harlot's blog, I too am going to donate money to Knitters Without Borders!


lexa said...

Glad the mittens are finding a home after all. I really like those colors in the clogs. I have to decide on a color for my new pair. Mine are getting holey.

Frieda said...

I was sure that you'd find a good home for the mittens . glad it all worked out . Love the fingerless mitts and the clogs . I must try that pattern , I know it's here somewhere ...


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