15 January 2010

Black X 2

Just a quick post as we are getting ready to fly to Ottawa to see DD1 and her family.  I just printed off our boarding passes, so we are ready to go!   The house/dog sitter is coming here to look after my dogs, so they will be happy. They much prefer staying here than going to the boarders and we have the added benefit of having someone in the house in case of problems!

I finished a second pair of fingerless mitts last night for David, so now both boys will have a pair.  I feared causing an upset arriving with only one pair.  These are still black, but marginally different because I used a 2 x 1 rib in the hand part so they can tell them apart.  Now that I see them, I think what is blatantly obvious to me, might not be so to the boys.  However it is done.

Black FingerlessMItts2

I have also started a pair of slippers for DD2 in the prettiest blue/purple colour.  A really different colour but very charming I think.  The picture I took does not show the real colour so I am not posting it.  I am trying to show the colour not the fact that I am knitting clogs.  Why does my camera often screw up the colours of things?  I take them in daylight, inside mind you but right in front of a big window!

I am off to pack.  Can you believe I am meeting my KN friend from HP at Wool-Tyme in Ottawa tomorrow?  She is flying up tomorrow and home on Monday as well.  Small world!  Expect grandkid pics when we get back! And possibly an addition or two to the stash!


Frieda said...

The coffee hadn't kicked in yet so it took me a couple of seconds to see the problem . He'll never notice , boys don't worry about things like that .

Enjoy your visit ! Looking forward to grandkid and knitting pics ...

lexa said...

Have a nice trip!


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