10 January 2010

A Classic Mistake

Ok, so white/natural wool, a la Patons Classic Merino, takes forever to felt.  I have done this before and it really and truly does take a long time, an hour or more for sure!  A reeeeeaaaalllllly long time!!!!

I knit a pair of mittens for my friend’s brother, for hunting or fishing or some outdoorsy thing.  It doesn’t take long to knit them but they are not my favourite thing to knit.  Not sure why, I just don’t enjoy knitting them.  Anyway, I told my friend I was knitting them and would have them ready on Monday.  He was very pleased and was going to give them to his brother for his birthday.  Yay!  How nice was this.  He even told me not to bother felting them, that he would do it himself. 

But I decided to be a good friend and felt them tonight whilst I was getting dinner ready. So I popped them in my washer with some towels and set my timer for 10 minutes. Then 10 more minutes.  And another 10 minutes.  At any time in this process did I actually check the mittens?  No, of course not, white wool takes forever to felt and I didn’t want to get frustrated by how long it was taking.  So at the end of 30 minutes, I thought I would take a peek and see how they were doing.  ( Insert many expletives here ) The &^*&%#^&*** things were done.  In fact, more than done.  They were barely able to be forced on over my ladies medium sized hand.  I had to insert the handle from a screwdriver into the thumbs to open them!  The fabric is thick and solid.  They will be warm as toast.  Not a chance in hell that one breath of cold air gets in these suckers! 

Now, who in the world do I know who has a ladies small hand and would wear white mittens?  Who might want them?  What will I do with them? 

And last but not least, do they count as a finished object if they don’t fit anyone?????


lexa said...

They'll have to be a FO cuz they'll have to fit someone! Hmmmmm.... Do you have any petite friends who would wear them? Or what about KnitWeir's daughter?

That's something that would happen to me. A few years ago there were three or four skeins at least of odd dye lot white/aran/winter white Classic Wool at the store, and I bought it all. I made a whole slew of felted mittens, adding some colors stripes and such. Some felted more than others!

Heddy said...

My first thoughts were of your DD#1 --- Ottawa gets mighty cold!

Yes - they count as a FO - they are finished and can't be ripped - so they are a FO -- LOL!

Heddy said...

oh - I just "got" the title of your post -- good little pun you have there!


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