05 January 2010

Late to the Party

For no apparent reason, I was never interested in the very popular scarf/shawl Clapotis. ( Can 13687 Ravelers be wrong? ) Until now that is. And I am definitely in love with this scarf/shawl! I am not sure if it is the yarn ( Blue Heron Rayon Metallic ) or the pattern that I love more, but I spend an inordinate amount of time touching and patting and admiring it. Way more time than I spend actually knitting it!! It would probably be nearly finished if I just knit on it!

But the highlight is when you get to row 8 and can drop the stitch and watch the whole row unravel!! I mean you drop it on purpose. No having to get a crochet hook and knit it back up. This is a design feature. You are supposed to drop it………….. I mean, it just doesn’t seem right and yet it feels so doggone good!

Anyway, with no further ado, progress so far:


The colour is more accurate in this last one. You can see in the top picture the ridges on the left which will be more dropped rows as I continue on with the pattern!


FYI It is pronounced clap-o'-tee".


lexa said...

It's looking good! Can't wait to see it in person. :)

Frieda said...

Beautiful , beautiful , beautiful , not much else to say . It's a super feeling when a knit thrills you that much .


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