19 January 2010

And A Stamper Was Born

On our recent visit to Ottawa I was down with Shannon (aka ACraftyMom ), in her craft room where she does all her card making and scrapbooking. She showed me the stamp that I had put in her Christmas stocking 10 years ago! Little did we know that with that one little kit, she had found her niche in the world of crafting!


Not only did she still have that stamp but, here are her supplies and equipment today:

This year for Christmas we gave her the Stamping Up Big Shot die cutting machine, which will be a huge asset and creative tool for her in all her crafting. Besides card making and scrapbooking, she does a lot of crafts with the children and their friends and also helps out at the boys school with crafts!

And this is a sample of some of her cards:

She makes and sells a lot of cards and currently has an order for 25 different cards! Check out some of her work at her Etsy store.

I am amazed that this all started from that one little stamp kit 10 years ago! And obviously a little proud of her as well! :))


lexa said...

She looks highly organized! Good little business she's got going there.

A Crafty Mom said...

That was very kind of you not to mention that my "craft" room is also my laundry room :)

Marti said...

Wow...her work space is so nicely organized. Lovely cards too :)


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