24 September 2009

Progress Pictures

When I go to a yarn shop, I always manage to find something I like, er, love and really want to knit or knit with. Last time it was a simple raglan sweater in Tanis Fiber Arts DK weight yarn in the colourway Blueberry. It is just soooo gorgeous and the pattern is sooooo simple that I decided it would be a great brain dead project to work on when I needed a break from the brain dead socks I am knitting right now. The sweater is an easy P1 row, K3 row repeat. Simple, right? Apparently not! I seem to not be able to count 3 Knit rows properly and ended up with 4 knit rows and had to rip back 4 rows of 220 stitches!! Now you might ask yourself, would that 1 extra row even be noticeable and I can assure you that Yes, it was. So I spent Knit Nite last evening ripping out and then knitting back to where I had been before the mistake. It totally ticks me off because I keep thinking where I would be if I hadn't had to tink!! All that lost time!

For some weird reason, I seem to have more problems with simple patterns than with intricate involved designs. Doesn't matter what I am knitting either, socks, lace, sweaters. I always seem to screw up the simple ones! I have decided that I must concentrate more when knitting these types of projects and not so much on the easy ones! Plus I am working on two projects at a time, which is so not me. And both of them are basic easy patterns so I guess the brain is not being stimulated enough. Maybe I need to start a third project?!

Anyway, here are the in progress pictures.

Blueberry sweater with a closeup of the pattern. It is knit in the round to the arms, then you knit the sleeves and attach them to the body ( still in the round ) and then do the decreases for raglan sleeves. The colour is pretty good but it is richer than this:

And here is the sock. I like the way the colours are swirling so I think I will do a short row heel, probably Lucy Neatby's garter stitch heel so I don't lose the swirling when I get to the foot. I am thinking the gusset increases will change the swirling and god forbid! give me pooling. I hate pooling more than I hate the short row heel! The heel and toe will also be in the solid purple. I am using the Kertzer Bamboo for these socks and although it is a little splitty, it is just sooooo sooooft! I am sure someone will love them!

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lexa said...

I find the bamboo a little splitty, too, but it's so silky soft on the feet!


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