07 December 2009

Monday Morning Wrap-Up!

Here it is, a lovely sunny December morning in Nova Scotia!  Crisp and clear!  A mere whisper of snow on the ground to make it feel more like winter!  I think I will go for a nice walk later today. :))

Lots of knitting got done in the past few days.  And I have pictures to go with them.  First and foremost, I finished the sweater for Shan’s SIL’s new baby boy.  I think it is just gorgeous and can’t you just see him with a pair of dockers or whatever and this sweater?!!

Next up are some dishcloths that I has started earlier and finished on the weekend. Nothing spectacular, but worthy of a picture.

DishclothSL DSC02582

And lastly I started this pair of socks.  They are Ellington by Cookie A and I absolutely love them.  The chart is fairly complicated, so it will keep my brain occupied after a few fairly braindead projects.  Plus they are just drop dead gorgeous!  I am knitting them in Malabrigo Sock yarn, colourway Lettuce.  They will qualify for 3 KALs. the Sock a Month group, the Cookie A group and the Solid Socks group!

Elegant Socks

Did I mention that I simply love these socks?  I am knitting them taat (two at a time) on my Harmony dpns and am ready to start the pattern next, having done both cuffs last evening! The picture truly doesn’t do them justice but I will post progress pics as I go!

One final comment.  Just to make note of the fact that my well reviewed and recommended movie The Blind Side has been the top movie for the second week in a row!  Can I pick ‘em or what?!

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lexa said...

You must be feeling well if you're going for a little walk today! That's great to hear, but don't overdo it. (Listen to Dr. R telling Nurse M what to do! lol!)

Love the little sweater. Those are just too cute with the stripey yarns.


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