03 December 2009

Just a Wee Show and Tell

Not much exciting going on here lately.  I am trying to get some Christmas gifts wrapped, especially the ones that are going up to Ottawa with my brother next weekend!  And of course there are the Christmas cards to get out and a million other pre-Christmas things to do!

I have been working on another of the little Drops baby sweaters for Shan’s SIL and it is really coming out nicely, if I do say so myself.  I may have messed up a bit on the front increasing, but it isn’t noticeable.  I will ask the KN ladies to check it out for me tonight! Ok.  They all agreed it was a non issue so here it is:


That is the right side finished and I have started the sleeve of the left side.  Hopefully it will be finished in time to go to Ottawa with all the Christmas gifts next week!

I am also working on some of the idiot dishcloths to send to the girls in their parcels.  Everyone really seems to like these little things and they do up fairly quickly.


My friend Heddy knit me up some Shrek hats for the grandkids.  Here are Reese and Hunter modeling theirs!

DSC_4356 DSC_4357

I mean seriously, how cute are they!  Thanks so much to Heddy for knitting them as I was up to my eyeballs in felted slippers. ( Check previous posts to see the 8 pairs of clogs! )

I am going to be away for the weekend, so this is the only post for the next few days.  Hope to have more to show and tell soon!

1 comment:

lexa said...

Don't know which is cuter -- the hats or the kids!

See you when you get back in a few days. Can't say have a good time as I know what you're doing! :)


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