27 November 2009

Why I Hate our Mobile Phone Server

I want an IPhone.  I have had my IPod Touch for a year and I love it!  It is my favourite thing.  So I figured I would reaaaallly love the IPhone and decided to get one. Our cell phone server finally has the capability to support the IPhone and they started offering them in early November. I have waited and waited to get one and I am was so excited.  A couple of weeks ago, I checked at our local Bell Mobility outlet and was told I was not eligible for an upgrade!  What!  But I want one. I reaaaaallllllly want one.  It is going to be my Christmas present. Well, I was told, you can get one but you will have to pay the full price.  But I am a long time loyal customer.  Don’t I deserve a break for that?  We have been customers of this company since cell phones first came out.  Shouldn’t that be worth something?  You can call the company and ask, but don’t hold out much hope, he said.

So I have spent the last couple of days planning what to say and who to speak to and whether to threaten to leave or what.  They are such a big company I am sure they don’t care in the least if I leave ( after my contract runs out of course).  I am so frustrated and obviously putting the phone call off by writing this blog post.

Ok!  I phoned and was told unequivocally NO!  You chose the top of the line phone when you signed your 3 year contract 17 months ago and there is nothing we can do for you now.  But in 18 months we will be happy to upgrade your phone and sign you up for another 3 year contract!  I don’t think so!  So now I have to pay full price for the phone or go without.  The cost to buyout the contract is more than the phone itself costs!  These people have you coming and going!  This totally sucks!  What happened to customer service?  Oh yeah, technology. 

However, on the positive side, if I buy the phone outright, then I don’t have to deal with signing another 3 year contract.  If I wait for the 18 months, I still will have to buy the contract and would be in the same situation all over again.  What to do? What to do? We’ll have to see.  

Off this subject and on to more boring things.  We are going to Charlotte Lane again tonight for dinner.  This time we are meeting my brother and SIL for our annual  pre Christmas dinner.  He is leaving for Ottawa on December 10, hence the timing.  We want to give him gifts etc. to take to our DD and family in Ottawa when he goes!

Sunday is a big day for us.  We are meeting Lauren & Mark for lunch, and then we are going to a concert, A Kilted Christmas, at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax with John’s brother and SIL in the afternoon. That evening we are going out to dinner at a new to us restaurant called Murano, (not sure of the spelling and I can’t find it online).  We will be tired by the time we get home that evening!

As for knitting, I am almost through with my Succulent Socks and will post a picture as soon as they are finished. I must say I am pleased with them and have decided that they will be for ME!

Off to Bridgewater now to pick up the dogs, who had their Christmas haircut today.  And speaking of dogs, Gunni is still peeing in our backyard at night.  Knock on wood!!!!


lexa said...

Too bad you didn't have better luck with the iPhone. I am in the same situation with the same cell company with my 10-4 phone. They want an arm and a leg for the upgrade!

Fern said...

I wanted my iPhone for a while too - then the demands of mothering caused me to juggle a bunch of things from the car into the house one day & my phone slipped & met the concrete beneath me :( I'm so sad that now my lovely iPhone has a cracked screen - still works perfect, just ugly to look at. I hope you get your phone & are super careful with it :) :) :)

Dorothy said...

I've got to read your blog more often. I was just a block away from Charlotte Lane all evening on the 27th. Could have popped over and said "Hi".


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