22 November 2009

The Blind Side

……… was a great movie!  No gratuitous violence ( if you don’t count football scenes ), blood and gore, swearing, or nudity.  Just a really lovely story and well acted if I do say so myself.  We gave it 8 – 8.5 for enjoyment!  And the fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more interesting and fun to watch.  Sandra Bullock was great! I find she often plays light puff pieces, but she really pulled this one off! Four stars, two thumbs up, etc.!  Recommend!

And also on the positive side, Master Gunni has peed in our backyard for the past five, count ‘em, FIVE nights. I am ecstatic!  I still take him out on the leash, but it’s usually just a minute or so and we are back in the house! Huge YAY!  Now, he also has a sore left front paw/leg and has been limping for the past week, so maybe he just doesn’t want to walk that far, but……. he’s peeing in our yard!  If the limp continues for a few more days, I will have to take him to the vet to have it checked.  I can’t seem to see anything wrong with it, but he is definitely favouring it!

I am off to the valley tomorrow for an appointment and had hoped to go to the yarn shop there, but it is closed on Mondays. :((  I may have to pop into Mahone Bay on my way home and visit Have A Yarn instead!

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