06 November 2009

The Times they are a Changing

At least the weather is a changing. Definitely!  We woke up this morning to find snow on the ground and covering our vehicles!  Now it was just an inch or so, but it was still SNOW!  A portent of what is to come this winter. I don’t think I am quite ready for it yet.  Please hold off for a few more weeks.

At my house, the times they are also a boring.  I am knitting all my felted slippers and although I am about to finish my 4th pair and only have 3 more ladies and 1 child’s pair to do, it really is not challenging.  Mind you, I love that everyone really likes the slippers and don’t mind knitting them, but men’s slippers are bigger and they just don’t want bright cheerful colours!  Greys and blacks and browns.  Boring!  So look out ladies, I am going wild with those ones!

I was also thinking maybe I should cast on a pair of socks. That would break the monotony of the slippers and they are also more portable.  I missed one of my sock KALs in September because I didn’t like the colour choice and another one last month because I didn’t like the pattern choices. These are the only times I have missed a month! And I am missing the Cookie A one this month because i have knit both patterns chosen and I only want to knit new patterns.  There are so many wonderful patterns out there, I would never be able to knit them all!

So OK, I have decided to cast on for socks and I know what colour and pattern.  This brown and this pattern.


I’m happy now! 

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Frieda said...

I saw that you had snow out in NS , seems to me Halifax got a little more than an inch . So far we've not had any snow , but the days are dull , grey and damp . I detest November !

I love the new socks in mind . She has some very nice patterns for sale . Have a good week-end ...


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