02 November 2009

The Cat’s Come Back

and all three of us (me and the two dogs) are really glad to see him!!!  He had a wonderful week in Florida golfing and socializing with his friends and getting tanned!  But you know how it is when you get home.  You are just so darned glad to sleep in your own bed and do your own thing.  So he is as glad to be home as we are to have him!  I would guess the dogs are reeeeaaallly pleased to see him because he is up in the mornings way earlier than I am and they can start their day much sooner.  Plus he takes them on longer walks than I do!  Welcome home Johnnie!

I did get a lot of knitting done these past 10 days.  I finished the little Lucy sweater ( see last post ) and I have finished 2 adult pairs of slippers and am on the third pair! Then I have to make a pair for Shannon and Thing 1.  And last night I got asked to knit 3 more pair for Lauren’s BIL and his family, who fell in love with hers whilst they were visiting last weekend.  So we can take the to-do total up to five!  That will really make a dent in my felting wool stash.  I have used 9 balls of wool for the first three pairs, and the next five will take another 15 balls of wool!  And people wonder why I need so much yarn!!!  By the time I am through all of these, I will have to stock up on more!

 Feling Wool2 Feling Wool

This is a king size duvet plastic zipped bag which is just perfect for storing all my felting wool. I can see all the colours on both sides and I know there are surprises in the middle so I can come up with different colour combinations.  The next few pairs are going to be bright and cheerful!

As for the pairs below, I really liked the peachy colour, and it was new so I tried it and they are going to my cleaning lady and friend Debra.  The brown ones are for BIL in the UK and the blue ones are for my sister. I have plans to brighten those up with some needle felting after they are cooked!


Now I need to finish the boring brown pair and pick out some bright colours for Shannon and T1! 

Game 5 of the World Series is on tonight so I should get a lot done!  Go Yankees!  But it would be nice if the Phillies won and then we would have Game 6 in New York.


lexa said...

T is all upset cuz he says the Yankees are going to win, and he hates them.

You are going to put a huge dent in the slipper yarn stash! I have four pairs to make so far -- the boys each need new ones, and I've got two more pairs besides those to make.

Frieda said...

You're certainly whipping them up ! Love the colours , lucky ones who get these ...


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