10 November 2009

Full Steam Ahead

That seems to describe me and my knitting these past two weeks or so!  I am currently on my 6th ( count’em ) 6th pair of clogs!  They are just flying off the needles.  I did the larger men’s sizes first, then the ladies large, now mediums, and lastly a ladies small and child’s size to do. I have felted the finished 5 pairs and they are all drying on the clog tree!Clog Tree

I will take individual pictures when I have them all dried and brushed and needle felted!  All five pair are hanging there but the black ones don’t show up to well in the back!

On the weekend we went to see the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats with George Clooney. We arrived at the restaurant at about 5:40 and the movie was supposed to start at 6:55, or so we thought.  For some reason, I checked on my I Touch and lo and behold, this night it started at 6:10.  So we tore out of there ( with no dinner ) and off to the theatre, got our tickets and got seated just before the movie started.  The trailers all looked good and it starred George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges and Ewan MacGregor.  We really did not want to miss this film.  Well I am here to critique this one and I say PASS!  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!  It sucked! Totally.  All four of us were prepared to leave before it ended.  The only thing that kept me there was George Clooney. I kept thinking it would get better but it never did.  There were some amusing parts but mostly it was a mishmash and totally out in left field!  Eight thumbs down. No stars. 0 out of 10! Sorry George :((

Believe it or not, I am getting some Christmas shopping done.  Shan has given me ideas for her three and I have those all done.  I have other things ordered and I am feeling on top of things.  I hope to get into the city later this week, either Thursday or Friday depending on John’s schedule and do some more.

Not much else happening here. I am off to lunch with my friends today because tomorrow is the Remembrance Day holiday and everything will be closed.  Plus it will likely rain tomorrow as every year it seems to be wet and dreary on Remembrance Day. 

Maybe I’ll knit……….


lexa said...

I got one pair of clogs done, and right now I'm making another pair. Then I have to make the boys each a pair, then it's back to Christmas knitting. The clogs certainly do go fast with double yarn and 9mm needles! Of course I've been stuck in the house the past two days, so I don't have a lot to chose from to do, and I certainly don't want to do housework! (Well, I did some, of course.) Hopefully the boy will be able to go to school on Thursday so I can work and try to make up some of the hours I lost.

Marti said...

Awesome clogs. You're doing much better than I am in the knitting department.


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