20 November 2009


Tonight is Friday and we are going to Charlotte Lane in Shelburne for dinner with friends. It is such a lovely place and the owners are delightful!  One of our favourite places to eat! And tomorrow night I have talked John into going to the movie, The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock.  He hasn’t enjoyed the last 2 or 3 movies we have gone to so he isn’t 100% sure he really wants to go on the opening weekend without a whole bunch of positive reviews, two thumbs up and 4 stars.  However, I know this story and it will be a delightful movie and I am really looking forward to it!

We are having the most wonderful fall weather!  Yesterday it was sunny and 17 degrees Celsius and I didn’t even need a jacket walking the dogs.  It has been like this much of October and into November!  A rainy day or two and then sunshine!

Speaking of dogs, I don’t want to jinx things with the DWWP  (aka – Dog Who Won’t Pee), but Gunni has been peeing in our yard at bedtime for three nights in a row.  It may not last, but one can hope.  No more trips to the neighbours field in the middle of a blizzard would be wonderful!  Cross your fingers!

I am finally knitting on socks again and am a very happy camper.  I started the Succulent Socks by Chrissy Gardiner on Wednesday and they are coming along nicely. The pattern calls for CO 72 stitches and I normally CO 60 or 64 so I am knitting these with a size smaller needle than usual…..2.25 mm dpns! I am really enjoying the pattern and think these will probably end up being for me! The yarn is the Kertzer On Your Toes bamboo and it is soooo soft, a bit splittly but the softness makes up for it!

Succulent Socks1

Here is a picture of the finished clogs for Reese.  I haven’t felted them yet as I can’t seem to be able to rationalize running a whole ( albeit small) load of water for these tiny little slippers.


Finally we have the Shrek hat(s) that my friend Heddy made for me.  I think they are just too cute and ordered some for my grandkids.  She does a wonderful job on these and they are very popular! Do you think the kids will love them??????


Time to go and walk my dogs in the nice sunshine!

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