15 November 2009

And Then There was One More ….

Well I had a post title all picked out for this post…….. Fini!!!! However, a brief phone conversation with DD in NB and I have one more child’s pair of clogs/slippers to knit. Apparently Miss R is having difficulty in putting on her Mary Jane ones. The toes are too tight. So I am knitting another child’s pair. Which I must say isn’t too bad as they knit up really quickly! And I am using my leftovers from Thing 1’s Crayon Clogs to make her pair. That way they can pass down to Master H which I don’t think will go over too well with the pink ones! I have the other three pair felted, brushed, shaved and needle felted. I just went to take a picture and my camera battery is dead so it is charging as I type this.

And we’re back……

These are for Lauren to give as a gift to BIL’s partner’s daughter.


These are for his partner:


And how cute are these crayon clogs for Thing 1??!!


No movies this weekend. Nothing that grabs me us is new so we’ll wait till next weekend. I do believe there are two or three coming up in the next few weeks that look good.

We are having friends in for dinner tonight so this post will have to be brief. Mainly show and tell of the finished clogs!


lexa said...

Love them! You are definitely going to have to show me your needle felting technique.

Landerson said...

As always, I love them all. Particularly Paula's and Thing 1's. Miss R will surely love them too:)

Heddy said...

I love them! You certainly are getting very creative with colour! LOVE them all!

Congrats on all your work!


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