10 November 2009

And Drum roll Please!

What did you do this afternoon Donna? I brushed and needle felted my 5 pair of clogs. They are finished and ready to go!

These are for my sister in England!


And these are for Debra!


Next we have a pair for Pete A.


And BIL in England


Last and by no means least. DD in ON.



sue said...

Those clogs look fantastic. Did they take long to felt like that.

lexa said...

They look great! I'm going to have to get you to show me how you needle felt your clogs. I did a design on one pair, but it was hard the way I did it, and it didn't quite turn out as good as I'd hoped.

I started another pair of clogs this morning, been working on them off and on all day while I've been stuck at home. I will have them finished in a little but, just need to do the cuff and second sole, then it's off to the washer for felting!

A Crafty Mom said...

Wow - they are really amazing and look so professional! Awesome!! You are getting very creative with your shrubbery backgrounds :)

Landerson said...

Love , love, love them all!


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