27 October 2009

A Day Late & a Dollar Short

Ok. So I said I would have pictures of the sweater to post on Monday and today is Tuesday.  I am a day late and a few dollars short. I decided at the last minute to go to the city yesterday and ended up with a bunch of errands done and not one single visit to a yarn shop.  I was all business.  No pleasure for me.  I did some searching for Christmas ideas, stocked up on GNC vitamins, etc., a Costco run and got some really cute Hallowe’en treats at Laura Secord for the little ones in our neighbourhood!!  And was home by 4:30 but by then the dogs needed attention and so here we are on Tuesday morning.  And here is the much anticipated I Love Lucy Sweater:


It really is too cute for words.  Bright and cheerful and yet very girlie!  And an easy, quick knit!  I just wish I had someone to model it as it would look better better on a little one!

I have been knitting on a pair of slippers for my sister in England.  Very pretty I think.  The dark colour is called currant and the lighter colour is water chestnut!  They are new Paton’s colours.  They look kind of orange, but it is a soft pretty colour!  These took me three full evenings to knit and I still have to attach the second sole on the other slipper! So I am not as fast as Sheri, but I don’t think she puts the bumpers on her slippers and that does take an extra hour or so!  :))

CLogs 1Pair-1

Next up a pair for DD in Ottawa.  This is a new to me felting yarn that I got at LK Yarns in Halifax. It is called Shepherd from australia and has different colours and so I thought I would try it.  This colourway is called Deep Blue Sea!

Shepherd wool-1

And last but by no means least:

MagsGunniNap2-1 MagsGunniNap-1

We don’t often see this at our house.  Both dogs have their own spots in the house that are “theirs” and this love seat is Maggie’s place.  Every now and then the Gunster sneaks up on it, and she usually just lets him have it.  But not yesterday!  How cute is that???

John is having a great time on his golf trip and we are getting along just fine here.  Gunni is behaving very well as far as peeing and pooping the bodily elimination processes are concerned and so is the weather ( behaving very well I mean).  I have only had one rainy, windy morning walk, but it was very mild so we all survived!  The rest of the time the weather has been good and the forcast is for more sun!! Yay!


lexa said...

My recent slippers had no bumpers on them, but the pair the Oldest One wants will. That does take a wee bit longer.

Yes, that love seat definitely is Maggie's! She lets me know on Knit Nite. She definitely gets that, "You're in my spot" look. :)

Tammi said...

I adore Lucy's sweater. I love, love, love the yarn you used. She is going to look so sweet in it!
My hubby works part time at GNC :)

Georgi said...

I love the slippers, very pretty. What pattern did you use?

Landerson said...

What a cute sweater!!


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