23 October 2009

Whilst the Cat’s Away

My DH is going away on a golf trip for the next 8 days and everyone is wondering what I am going to do with my time whilst he is away.  I am one of those lucky people who never get bored, always have something to do and friends to do it with, and I knit! 

Plus we have 2 dogs that require much daily walking and as the only one home I will be doing that 3 or 4 times a day.  That alone will suck up take care of a couple of hours in the day!  Remembering at all times that we have Gunni, the DWWP, aka, Dog who won’t pee.  Especially in our yard!  Which means no matter what the weather, someone has to walk him usually for 15 or 30 minutes for him to do his business.  Now this is not a walk where the person taking the dogs on said walk gets any exercise, other than in frustration!  It is stop, sniff, no I don’t think I will pee here, stop again, sniff again, not here, and so on and so on until just when you are ready to scream, he lifts his little leg and pees!   I cannot emphasis what a sense of relief and joy that brings! The pressure is off until the next walk!!  On the other hand, I must add that he does poop just fine.  He is walking along, decides to poop and goes.  Unlike Mags, who thinks she might poop, looks around for the exact perfect spot, finds the exact perfect position and then goes. In case you might think that we are obsessed overly careful in noting our dogs’ bodily functions, you are totally right. Nothing makes our day start off well like both dogs peeing and pooping on their early morning walk!!!

Not sure where the rant about the dogs came from, but it’s over and I am now onto other things. Mainly what I am going to do in the next week!

Well, for one thing, I am a huge baseball fan and will watch the rest of the baseball playoffs.  And because of the baseball playoffs, I am forced to DVR several of the programs I would normally watch during those times and have to then watch them.  So I expect much knitting to be done.

I am going out to dinner with friends on 2 evenings.

I have Knit Nite on Wednesday and that is always a fun time that I look forward to and much enjoy.

Tuesday night is my Bridge night. Another fun evening!

I may even find time to run into Halifax and do some Christmas shopping!!

And finally, a tiny bit of knitting news.  The little baby sweater is coming along nicely and with any luck at all will be finished by Sunday evening! The top pictures are  the right side laid out flat and then folded as it will be sewn.  The bottom one is the progress on the left side!

  LucySweaterRsideFlat-1LucySweaterRside-1 LucySweaterLside-1

In case you can’t tell, these are knit from the cuff to the middle of the back and front.  The front is done by increasing stitches similar to a raglan sleeve.  It is going to be just sweet when it is finished! Hopefully I will have pictures on Monday!


lexa said...

The baby sweater is really cute! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

A Crafty Mom said...

That sweater is adorable - I really love it! It will be sweet when it is done. Hope you have a great time while dad is away . . . maybe a miracle will happen and Gunni will start peeing for you.

sue said...

I really like that baby sweater, very pretty colors too. Have fun walking the dogs too, although I wouldnt like the pee and poop watch too much, lol.


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