18 October 2009

Nuttin' but Knittin'

The Pretty Thing Cowl is finished. After a couple of errors the first time, I frogged it and started it over again on Wednesday night and finished it Saturday. No errors this time! It is lovely and soft and I think will be very warm. It snuggles nicely against my neck, but it a bit long for me so the top folds down.

Not a design feature I am sure, however I actually prefer it that way! Now I want to make more! I think they would be lovely gifts for anyone. Cowls keep your neck nice and warm whilst not being as bulky as a scarf. This pattern is somewhat dressy with the lace so I might try a different one. I have several faved on Ravelry that I might try!

I started the Drops sweater for baby Lucy last evening watching the Yankees - Angels game. Had I stayed up till the end ( it got over about 2:00 a.m. here) I probably would have finished the sleeve and made headway on the body!! But I gave up and went to bed whilst it was still ties 2 - 2! The colours are lovely, nice and bright and it is knitting up pretty fast, so I may reach my goal of finishing this by the end of next week!

Then it is on to felted slippers. I have updated my list of who wants/needs new ones and I have some really pretty bright colours to knit with, so that it next on my list. Once I get going on slippers I can whip them up pretty quickly. Not as quickly as Sheri, who can do one in an evening so it takes two evenings for a pair! I usually take four evenings per pair. But I consider that to be a pretty good pace!


Heddy said...

mmm, that cowl looks so cuddly and warm ... nice job!

lexa said...

The cowl looks great! The little sweater is going to be pretty, too.

Frieda said...

Beautiful cowl ! I have this in my queue , just have to get through the baby knitting . Which brings me to your sweater , it is just sooooo cute ! The colours are great , can't wait to see the finished sweater....


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